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Veterans Burial & Cremation Society
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The affordably priced veterans cremation service in Lostant, IL most trusted by veterans and their families for their signature veterans cremation cost options is Mueller Funeral Home. Every cremation is performed with dignity and respect in accordance with the highest level of cremation standards and procedures by a certified cremation specialist.

Direct Cremation is the lowest cremation price option for veterans and their families in Lostant, IL. Direct Cremation includes transportation of the deceased from the place of death into the care of Mueller Funeral Home: Sheltering of the deceased in climate controlled refrigeration (required by law) The services of licensed funeral & cremation professionals and staff: Filing of all necessary legal documents and permits: Placement of the deceased in an alternative container prior to cremation: The process of cremation: Placing the cremated remains in a temporary container or you may choose to purchase a worthy cremation vessel(s) including an urn, family keepsakes and/or cremation jewelry.

So if cremation is your choice in Lostant, IL, trust the affordable veterans cremation service that is called upon most by veterans and their families, Mueller Funeral Home.

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